Using Our Prompts

Here are some ways the prompt cards can be used:

For Individuals

  • Each day place a prompt in your work/laptop/school etc. bag so that when you see it you pause to pray as it leads, no matter where you are at the time!
  • Each morning randomly choose a new prompt to form the focus of your prayers for the day.

For Groups

  • Select a prompt at random for your group to discuss. Then pray together as the prompt leads.
  • Hand out a different prompt to each person and provide time for reflection about their prompts before praying together.
  • If used after a discussion with a particular focus: use only a few prompts that encourage the same focus.

For Families

  • Place the prompts in a pile in the middle of the family table and use them before or after sharing a meal together.
  • Each week put a new prompt on your fridge visible for everyone to see. Let it be a constant encouragement and a prompt for how to pray at bed time.
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