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We are all about seeing Christians grow closer in relationship with God and engage with His mission.

What People Say

Just wanted to say that I was gifted some of these and I absolutely love them. They live on my coffee table as a reminder to use before I go to bed each night, and I’ve found that my prayer life has deepened incredibly since I started using them. I would 100% recommend. ❤


Thanks for sending the prompt cards so quickly last month. I think they’re fantastic. I’d like to order 3 more sets please – well done!


“After introducing the prayer prompts to our youth we all of a sudden had heard one of our guys pray out loud in our group for the first time – it was so encouraging! It sure beats the occasional sense of crickets.”



To show integrity in our purpose we are committed to giving 50% of all our profits to mission and ministry so that we truly are investing in faith while covering our costs too.

The story of how we came about:
As a pastor, I would often get frustrated as I all I wanted was to see peoples relationships with God grow and to see His kingdom be extended yet rarely did there seem to consistent evidence of it. This was typified by dull and sometimes silent prayer times with the many different groups of people I gathered with.

I tried sharing short devotions before prayer to stir others into a fervour, I tried praying in different ways to try and release a freedom of how to pray but nothing, even when people had great need for God in their lives sometimes silence in prayer would be taken over corporate prayer – nothing consistently worked.

After years of ebbing and flowing between patience and frustration one day I decided to try and harness my frustration let God transform it into innovation and the thought that led the way was, “how can I thoroughly enable others to grow in their prayer lives?” And the result was what is now our Prayer Prompts. I started using prototypes with some youth and young adults and immediately I found us experiencing full, fruitful, refreshing, challenging and inspiring prayer times with people praying who I hadn’t heard pray before and heard people pray in ways that made me want to go deeper in relationship with God myself.

From this, I then wanted to enable others to grow in their prayer lives and so created our resource ministry.

Now the question is, what resources do Christians want to enable them in their faith and to see God’s kingdom grow.

If you have a frustration in ministry or your Christian faith – contact us and it is our hope that we might then be able to develop something that transforms that frustration into a blessing for God!

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